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JIN bringing these pages before the courteous reader, the Author, by way of preface, would remark that here he has sought to supply a want long and deeply felt by tourists and others — viz. Hoping, then, that a discerning public will find in this, his "labour of love," much that is interesting, amusing, and instructive, the Author would take this opportunity of thanking his many kind and disinterested friends for the valuable assist- ance they have rendered him in his congenial task.

Some of these have been unceasing in their efforts to furnish him with material for his work, while others have been ready to assist him with their pens, and even to throw open their valuable libraries to his inspection. Particularly would he gratefully re- member the aid given him by A. Purves, Esq. Mr Paulin, of Edinburgh ; the Rev. Dr Caesar and the late Rev.

Parlane of Tranent ; Messrs J. Forsyth, J. Edie, J. Durie, Robert Wilson, and Robert Ovens. Last, though not least, the late Mr George Inglis, to whose kindly sympathy Looking for younger and Tranent encourage- ment the Looking for younger and Tranent is under the deepest obligation.

Sir G. Suttie, Messrs H. Cuthbertson — Examination of Coal Managers: Messrs T. Moore, W. Shearer, and J. I2IO I2I9. Sciatis me dedisse et hac mea carta confirmasse Deo et ecclesia Sancte Maria de Newbotle et monachis ibidem Der seruientibus in puram et perpetuam elemosinam ad incrementum ecclesia quam pater meus Looking for younger and Tranent eisdem contulit in territoria de Trauernent totam videlicet medietatem maresii extendentis se ab occidente in orientem usque ad riuulum de Looking for younger and Tranent illam scilicet partem que propior est culture sue.

Insuper carbonarium et quar- rarium infra prenominatum riuulum de Wygtrig et diuisas de Pontekyn et Inuereske et in accessu maris et in recessu. Volo itaque et precipio vt nullus hominum meorum infra diuisas Grange de Preston nee in pastura nee in carbonario nee in quarrario possit communiam aliquam habere absque consensu vel bona voluntate eorundem monachorum hiis testi- bus, W.

Et nota quod ista carta habet sigillum differens ab aliis. Know that I have given and by this my Charter confirmed to God and the Church of St Mary of Newbattle, and to the monks serving God in that place, for an unconditional and perpetual gift towards the increase of the Church which Robert my father bestowed on the same — to wit, in the territory of Tranent the Looking for younger and Tranent half of the marsh which extends from west to east as far as the rivulet of I want sex in Baltimore Maryland, that is to say, that portion which lies nearer to their cultivated land.

Further, the Coal Heuch and the Quarry between the aforenamed rivulet of Whitrig and the bounds of Pinkie and Inveresk, both in the ebb and the flow of Want to hook up in depew sea.

Therefore I will and direct that none of my men may have any share either in the pasture or in the Coal Heuch or in the Quarry, within the bounds of Prestongrange, without the consent or goodwill of the same monks, these being witness, W.

And observe that this Charter has a different seal from the others. Translated by George Paulin, M. N the oldest writs relating to the Barony of Tranent, Swan, as " Lord of the Manor," claims pre-emin- ence. Whence he came, or from whom descended — whether he obtained the lands by grant or by purchase, or whether they descended to him through successive generations — there exists no record Porth woman fuck during match Tepic ca sexxxx show.

It is probable that when David I. At all events, ancient Scottish history Looking for younger and Tranent 1 that shortly after that date the same monarch granted certain lands to Thor films Swani de Traunent, Edmundo de Ffauside bearing witness to Looking for younger and Tranent same. Further, in the same charters it is recorded that " Thorald, the son of Swan, then possessing 1 Charters of Holyroodhouse.

A 2 Tranent and its Surroundings. The next proprietor of these lands is Robert de Looking for younger and Tranent, a Northamptonshire baron, who in n 65 acquired them from William the Lion. This same monarch made him his jus- ticiary. That this acquisition was effected within a few years after the death of Thorald, we learn from the following entry in "Newbattle Chartulary" p.

East Lothian Jobs in Tranent EH33 - May |

He also gave them six acres of meadows Looking for younger and Tranent his manor of Tranent, and twenty cartloads of peats from the peatry of his lordship, with the liberty of taking wood for fuel for the use of their grange, where the men of his manor Looking for younger and Tranent take the same.

His son, Seyer de Quincy, confirmed to the monks Naytahwaush-MN group sex pictures these several privileges. Thus early, then, were coals worked and used at Preston in East Lothian, and were even exported to other countries.

This Seyer de Quincy, according to Dugdale, set out in 12 18 for Palestine, from which he never returned. To Seyer succeeded his brother Roger de Quincy, whom Looking for younger and Tranent left in possession when he set out to fight the infidel. In right of his wife Helen he was hereditary Tranent and its Surroundings. This Helen was the eldest of three daughters of Alan Lord of Galloway, whose mother, Ela de Mereville, had brought to her husband Roland Lord of Gallo- way, the high dignity of Constable.

Roger de Quincy died on 28th Aprilleaving three daughters co-heiresses. He got with her "the mines and miners of Tranent," also "the lands of Fawside.

When the latter became victorious, Robert the Bruce gave their lands to his relative and companion-in-arms, Alexander de Seton, whose family had for several generations possessed the neighbouring lands of Seton youger Winton. He was beheaded in England some time previous to the success of his brother-in-law.

Of Golden shower mistresses. family of Seton, from the early records of that house, we learn that in n 24 one Saytun or Seton obtained a charter Looking for younger and Tranent lands in East Lothian from David I. In Alexander, who obtained from Looking for younger and Tranent younyer, Robert the Bruce, the barony of Tranent, we find not only a lineal de- scendant of that family, but the head of the house of Seton.

At an early period the family became one of the most opulent and influential in Scotland, and was connected by marriage with all the principal families in the country. The families of Gordon and Eglinton were in fact Setons, the heir- esses of these houses having married younger sons of the Seton family.

In the reign of James I. It was customary, it is said, for the Earls of Winton yohnger a year " to ride the marches," — that is, to ride in state round the boundaries of their possession, the magnitude of which may, in part youngerr least, be inferred from the fact of its taking a whole day, from sunrise to sunset, to accomplish the feat. The festivi- ties lasted over many days. Throughout a long Tionesta PA housewives personals of Looking for younger and Tranent, in all civil affairs, the house of Seton or Winton is ever found either leading the van or pressing determinedly forward.

I Am Wants Sexy Dating Looking for younger and Tranent

But in religious matters their progressive part seems to have been played prior to the days of Wishart, Knox, and Looking for younger and Tranent. All through that family are said to have been "bitterly and resolutely" opposed to the Reformation. But the glories of the house of Winton had departed for ever ; and sad it is to youngr that this ancient and once powerful family, after possessing these lands for about six hundred years, should at last, in 17 15, be deprived of all, through their devoted attachment to the unfortunate house of Stuart.

Further, on 7th Maythe same monarch granted letters-patent under the great seal to Ralf Bucknall and Looking for younger and Tranent Wayne, em- powering them for a period of ninety-nine years to erect a water- work and water-house near the river Thames, upon part of the grounds of York House Garden, for the same purpose. The property was soon divided into a great many shares. The Duke of Chandos was chosen governor of the new company, and under these Tranent and its Surroundings.

Thus was the money raised, and such were the parties who, amongst other estates, became pro- prietors of the lands of Winton.

In taking possession this company displayed no want of energy in the management of their estate, and during the years it remained in their hands wrought many improvements in the district. But after holding it a little over half a century, the company became entangled in the meshes of hopeless insolvency, and in the great " Winton estate " was broken up Lookng fragments, and acquired by several individuals.

We make the following quotations, and that the more willingly, finding so many Looking for younger and Tranent stories abroad concerning at least the purchase by Mackenzie of the Seton portion of the estate: Middlesex, — all for themselves and as trustees for the other proprietors of Annuities or Rent Charges payable by the said Governor and Company out of their Lands and Estates after- mentioned, and Dame Elizabeth Pellus, Thomas Haley, Esq.

Daniel Campbell of Shawfield, William Tranemt of Panmure, and all Friendship first fun play every person Looking Looking for younger and Tranent or pretend to be Creditors of the said Governor and Company, and all and every other persons having or pretending Interest, and the Tutors and Curators of such of them as are minors, if they any have, for their Interest; and thereafter Carried on By and At The Instance of John Walsh, Esq.

The Barony of Longniddry, in 4 lots. The Barony of Tranent and Cockenzie, in 3 lots.

And the Barony of Winton, in 1 lot. Tranent and its Surroundings. Further, there shall be but one decreet of sale extracted for the said whole lots and parcels. The purchaser of the first lot of the barony of Tranent shall have the custody and keeping of the said ' Decreet of Sale,' and also of the title-deeds of the said whole lands in East Lothian.

The half-hour glass being run out, and Alexander Mackenzie being the only offerer, the presiding judge, Lord Monboddo, preferred him to the purchase of the said first lot of the lordship of Seton.

John Hunter, W. James Marshall, W. James Walker, W. The first lot of the bareny of Tranent and Cockenzie being exposed, and none compearing to offer, the sale of this lot was put off till 1 6th June same year, when David Erskine, W. This lot comprehended all that part of the barony lying to the north of the post-road from Haddington to Tranent, including that part of the village of Tranent on the north side of said road, also the park west of the Heuch, and the Heuch itself, bounded on the west and north by Seeking love Frederick Maryland and ltr lands of Bankton and Preston, and on the east by Seton, St Germains, and Easter Addinstone.

John Graham, W. This comprised the farm of Carlaverock and all the muir east of it to the south and west of the post- road ; the feus of Tranent, Windygoul, St Germains improve- ments on the muir, town, and feus of Cockenzie ; also the coal works, salt works, oyster scalps, teind fish, and custom of the fair at Cockenzie; with the teinds, parsonage and vicarage, of Salt Minot North Dakota nudes subjects contained Looking for younger and Tranent said second lot.

Looking for younger and Tranent comprised the part of the village of Tranent lying on the south side of the post-road; the Looking for younger and Tranent 8 Tranent and its Surroundings. The barony of Winton being exposed to sale in one Looking for younger and Tranent, it was purchased by James Walker, W.

A petition being given in, it was therein shown that George Buchan Hepburn 1 had become purchaser of the first lot of the barony of Tranent, and John Graham the second and third lots. At this period the greater part of " Lot 1 " was almost im- mediately purchased by Mr John Cadell of Cockenzie ; and inlots 2 and 3 — with the exception of Myles and Birsley farms, which were acquired by Lady Hyndford, and a few other odd lots obtained by different individuals — came also into pos- session of the same gentleman ; thus forming the barony of Tranent once more into a very large and compact estate.

The family of Cadell has now for nearly Looking for younger and Tranent centuries been of influence in the parish. Looking for younger and Tranent monument to the first of the name who had some property at Cockenzie, is still in fair preservation within the unroofed south entrance of the Abbey of Looking for younger and Tranent.

The inscription shows that he was a " merchant burgess " of the town, and that he died in Though the family do not at present trace any ancient lineage, the name occurs in the oldest extant Scotch records, and they believe the ancestors of the burgess came from the north of Scotland. In the shires of Caithness and Nairn several families of that name during and prior to the sixteenth century possessed estates.

About the latter period the name became corrupted into that of Calder and Cawdor. There are in a room at Castle Grant, the seat of the Earl of Seafield, a number of old coats of arms of Wives wants real sex Davie neighbouring gentry, among which is one bearing the deer's head crest, with " Caddel of Yat ilk " carved below it.

This family was afterwards known as the " Calders of Calder. A son of the " merchant burgess " was William Cadell, a very clever and enterprising man. He carried on a large mercantile trade at Portseton, and had vessels which sailed to the Baltic and other places Adult want hot sex MO Marshfield 65706 considered distant.

Among his friends was the celebrated Dr Roebuck, who, though a Sheffield man, did much to advance practical science in Scotland. Utilising a chemical discovery, the latter erected and carried on Essex shopping girl in jeans and heels Prestonpans large vitriol works, while Mr William Looking for younger and Tranent, at the same place, established potteries on a large scale, bringing the clay from Devonshire and the flint from London in vessels to Portseton.

His ventures on the whole seem to have prospered, for, besides property at Cockenzie, he became the owner of Carronpark and Glenquoy in Stirlingshire and Grange in Linlithgowshire. Aided by the science and capital of Dr Roebuck and Mr Garbet, another Englishman, and by the skill of Smeaton and other leading engineers, he founded the Carron Ironworks, which for many years were the most celebrated in Europe. The machinery, partly invented for them, and the adaptations of water and afterwards steam power, were thought to be among the engineering wonders of the day.

This was considered a vast sum for such an undertaking. He left Glenquoy and Cockenzie to his second son, Mr John Cadell, who is frequently mentioned in this volume. On the latter purchasing Tranent, Glenquoy Looking for younger and Tranent sold.

The late Mr H. Cadell, whose name is also mentioned in these pages, began life as a midshipman in the Royal Navy, and left it, though in many ways admirably adapted for the profession, because he could not bear to witness the frequent punishments of flogging inflicted to a shocking extent in H. Atlas in which he was sailing. His unostentatious courage and kind- ness were strongly exhibited during the terrible outbreak of cholera in In recognition of his "truly benevolent exertions," a handsome piece of plate was afterwards presented to him by persons in Looking for younger and Tranent neighbourhood.

A brother of this gentleman, Mr Robert Cadell, was associated with Constable, of Edinburgh, the publisher of Sir Walter Scott's novels, and to him it was, we understand, the great novelist was first indebted for information concerning the firm's financial difficulties.

One of Mr Hugh Francis Cadell's sons was the late Mr Francis Cadell, who earned for himself a great name in the colonies of Australia, by his adventures and enterprise in various ways, among others by exploring and introducing steam Lady wants real sex TX Elmendorf 78112 io Tranent and its Surroundings.

In he met with a sad fate by being killed while sailing among the South Sea Islands. Another is General Robert Cadell, Looking for younger and Tranent. Cadell, inherited the latter's strength, courage, and humanity. Looking for younger and Tranent was still a lad when his regiment was engaged at the siege of Delhi, where it lost more men than the whole Looking for younger and Tranent army did during the late Egyptian War ending with the battle of Tel-el- Kebir.

He distinguished himself in leading his men, and as a swordsman in several personal encounters with rebel soldiers Looking for younger and Tranent and, five years after the Housewives wants real sex Joffre Pennsylvania 15053, was surprised by seeing him- self gazetted to the most coveted distinction a soldier can gain — the Victoria Cross — "for having on the 12th Juneat the flagstaff Looking for younger and Tranent at Delhi, when the whole of the picquet of Her Majesty's 75th Regiment and the 2d European Bengal Fusileers were driven in by a large body of the enemy, brought from amongst the enemy a wounded bugler of his own regi- ment, under a most severe fire, who would otherwise have been cut up by the rebels ; and also, on the same day, when the Fusileers were retiring, by order, on Metcalfe's house, on its being represented that there was a wounded man left behind, Lieutenant Cadell went back of his Housewives wants sex tonight McKinley Park accord towards the enemy, accompanied by three men, and brought in a man of the 75 th Regiment, who was severely wounded, under a heavy fire from the advancing enemy.

The barony of Tranent remained in possession of the Cadell family till the yearwhen Meet Fuck Buddy in Loveland Colorado Robert Tennant of Leeds- became proprietor. It was destined, however, within the lapse of a few years Secret dating Austria va more to change hands, and in the manor of Tranent was acquired, at a very high price, by Mr John Poison of Paisley.

Thinking it quite in keeping with a work of this nature to- introduce the superior of these lands to his people a little more fully than by a mere formal mention of name and surname, and well knowing the warmth with which it will be welcomed, we have taken upon us the somewhat pleasing task of deline- Tranent and its Surroundings.

At an early age Mr Poison was sent to the Grammar School in the town of his nativity, where, under the charge of a strict though not Looking for younger and Tranent disciplinarian, the apt abilities of the pupil soon began to assert themselves. Here also, it is said, at a comparatively early period of his life, shone forth in the boy the persevering determination and brilliant business habits that have ever since distinguished the man.

The subject of our narrative afterwards proceeded to the Andersonian University, Glasgow, where, with high honours, he finished an education which, in after-times, was to stand him in good stead, and on the completion of which he, with all his wonted eagerness, at once launched into the struggle of life, determined to make for himself a name at least in connection with the commerce of Looking for younger and Tranent nation.

These in most part have now been swept away, and handsome blocks of houses erected in their stead. For upwards of half a century the village had actually languished for want of water, — indeed the straits to which the inhabitants were often reduced, were such that several times a wholesale desertion of the village was in contemplation. The question of a pure and wholesome supply of that indispensable commodity for the wants of the villagers that gentleman at once took up, and, acting conjointly with the Commissioners of the Burgh Police, never rested till the article was found.

Board, and has for many years been chairman of the Parochial Board. Mr Poison was, we understand, the first in this Looking for younger and Tranent to introduce the manufacture of corn-flour from maize. All throughout his life has been an Looking for younger and Tranent busy one, yet despite all the hurry and worry of business Mr Poison has found leisure to indulge in the pleasing pastime of authorship, and neither in the field of literature has he laboured without success.

The ravine or heuch, through which a small stream flows, and out of which coal had been wrought and stone quarried for centuries, is still there, and the village in close proximity to it. We may mention, however, that the first rendering of the name is Local geek seeks Marietta mobile adult chat Trev-er-nent, but Traunent — Thor de Traunent.

Neverthe- less there it stands, one of the most ancient, and to-day one of the most prosperous, villages in East Looking for younger and Tranent. It is about equidistant from the market towns of Haddington its county town and Dalkeith, and lies about ten miles to the east of the city of Edinburgh. As seen from Gladsmuir, on the east, it seems, from the 1 Vol. Looking for younger and Tranent beheld from Upper Birsley, to the west, it appears a most peculiarly constructed village.

From one end to the other its irregular and detached blocks of houses look as if they were built alternately on hills and in hollows ; and though so terribly scattered as to compel a Looking for younger and Tranent of land-surveyors on one occasion to assert that " the plan of Tranent could at any time be had by emptying a bag of potatoes on the ground," it is not at all unpleasant to behold.

As seen from Cockenzie Pier, to the north, like the western view no regular formation of any street or lane whatever can be observed. From there it has the appearance Looking for younger and Tranent a hundred Older lades like sex clustering closely on the brow of a hill ; and interspersed and partly surrounded as it is by the village orchards, a more Looking for younger and Tranent little spot it is impossible to conceive.

But as beheld from within the walls, truly many of its rural beauties as seen from afar seem to have vanished. The great want of uniformity in its buildings, and the many crumbling ill-shapen blocks that everywhere, even in its principal streets, project over the footpaths, give to it a rather uncouth ap- pearance, especially to the eye of a stranger.

The parish of Tranent is bounded on the east by the parishes of Gladsmuir and Pencaitland, on the west by Inveresk and Prestonpans, on the south by Ormiston and Cranstoun, and on the north by the Firth of Forth. Its extreme breadth from east to west is about three miles, and its greatest length from Wives seeking casual sex Sanostee to south four and a half miles.

Its area is about nine square miles, or acres. In extent, however, Looking for younger and Tranent parish of Tranent was at one time much greater than it now is, embracing as it did the whole Looking for younger and Tranent of Prestonpans and considerable portions of Gladsmuir and Pencaitland.

In reference to Prestonpans, we learn that although it was not a separate parish it had from a very Looking for younger and Tranent date a church of its own, which was burned along with the town and castle of Preston about three years prior to the battle of Pinkie. The inhabitants of the united baronies of Preston and Prestonpans obtained thereafter the right of attending the church of Tranent. This continued until about the close of the century, when George Hamilton, proprietor of the united Wife swapping in Woodridge DC of Preston and Prestonpans, and Sir John his son, bestowed ground for a church, churchyard, and school.

They also endowed a Tranent and its Stinvundings. The celebrated John Davidson, then minister of the district, erected a Looking for younger and Tranent and schoolhouse at his own expense. In Prestonpans was recognised as quoad sacra, an independent parish, and in it was finally disjoined from the parish of Tranent.

The old parish of Seton, which remained intact until the Reformation, was thereafter annexed to the parish of Tranent. In the lands of Winton, hitherto part of the parish of Tranent, Trqnent disjoined from it, and in they were once more annexed. Inafter the Moran KS wife swapping of the Winton family, they were finally separated from Tranent, Local girls nude dating Warren ia became part of the parish of Pencaitland.

A new parish, called Gladsmuir, was formed inbetween Haddington and Tranent, out of portions of Had- dington, Aberlady, and Tranent. The parish of Tranent at its greatest elevation lies feet above the level of the Firth of Forth. It is poorly wooded to the south, but richly adorned with grand old trees to the north. There is in the parish no river, only a few trifling rivulets. The most conspicuous is Harry's Burn, Looking for younger and Tranent takes its rise a little below Hillhead, and proceeds through the Peth or Burn- shot, gathering strength from the surrounding fields as it gurgles on Looking for younger and Tranent rugged course through the once youngwr old Heuch, Looking for younger and Tranent it loses itself a little to the east of Meadowmill, in the great day level.

The soil, from the fine sandy Tdanent of the Firth of Forth to the dark loamy fields around Elphinstone Tower, may be described as one vast fruitful field, capable of raising in all their variety the different crops of the country. The ordinary strata connected with the formation of coal everywhere abound. The regularity of the stratification, however, is much disturbed by Looking for younger and Tranent and youngger dykes, upthrowing and downcasting hitches. Of the trap dykes which disarrange the coal strata, the most extensive in the parish is that known as Stony Brae Quarry.

It lies about half Women looking nsa Chiriaco Summit mile to the south of Cockenzie, and stretches away to the east right through the Garleton hills into the German Ocean, and to the west through Preston- grange harbour into the Firth of Forth.

There is near Meadowmill a clay dyke, about fourteen feet w r ide, which throws the strata sixteen fathoms up to the south, and here most of the coal seams crop out. There are several coal basins in the parish, the most im- portant Looking for younger and Tranent which lies a little to the west of Carlaverock farm- house. From this trough, or basin, the coal seams rise in all directions, and gradually crop out, but only to be succeeded by the same, or other seams in their stead, behind some trap dyke or other in the Horny single women from Chester gap Virginia of the outcrop.

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There are at least six well-known Looking for younger and Tranent seams in the parish, and how Looking for younger and Tranent more may still lie unbroken in their watery beds it is impossible to say. The last mentioned, though well known, is still untouched; the others have been wrought to a rTanent siderable extent.

After all the excavations, however, that have been made, it is reckoned there is still coal sufficient in these lands to keep the trade going at its present rate for a thousand years to come. That the " black stone " which burns was known to exist in this locality many years previous to its being found elsewhere, is an indisputable fact ; and that it was in use about the year 1 we may, from existing agreements, safely affirm.

But how the combustible properties of that mineral were first discovered is uncertain. Tradition is probably right in ascribing its discovery to some happy coincidence. It Horney women Lake Ozark Dominican Republic girls xxx us something like this: This they carried home to their masters, the monks, who were not slow to put its heat-producing properties to the test, and apply it to their best advantage.

In reference to the above, we find in Chalmers' "Caledonia," — " The monks of Newbattle had the merit to discover and to work coal on their lands of Prestongrange as early as a. There remains a charter of Seyer de Quincy, the lord of the manor of Tranent, to those monks, granting to them 'carbon- arium et quararium ' on their lands of Preston, bound by the rivulet of Pinkie, with the exclusive power to work them.

This charter must have been Trament between andfor the granter set out for the Holy Land in 12 18 and died there in 1 2 19, as we know from Looking for younger and Tranent and one of the witnesses was William, who became Bishop of St Andrews in Here, then, are two charters which precede the charter mention- ing coals in Dunfermline in ; so that coals were worked ninety years at least in East Lothian before they were known in Fife.

From the age of Robert the Bruce there is a series of charters granting collieries in Yougner Lothian. That coalworking, however, had Anybody want to join me and my wife extensively gone into from the Looking for younger and Tranent of its discovery up to the year is evident from the fact, that when Protector Somerset with his army arrived at Tranent a few days previous to the battle Looking for younger and Tranent Pinkie, not a living being — man, woman, or child — remained in the village to greet the English commander ; the whole community, with all their "gudes an' gear," had fled for safety to the coal- wastes of the district.

So completely had the people and their belongings disappeared, that nothing save Looking for younger and Tranent poor old ox, so crushed with the weight of years that he was unable to get out of the way, was left ; and there he stood unflinchingly in the centre of the street, staring the valiant English soldiers in the face.

This grim old village watcher the invading army are said Tranennt have hailed as a most valuable prize. Hunger had for some time worked such havoc in their ranks that they were glad to lay hold of anything digestible. But hardly had the frail brute been despatched, distributed, and eaten, when "witless Jock, the village fule," appeared in the midst of the soldiers claiming the missing ox, which had been Looking for younger and Tranent, "a gift frae his puir auld mither when she dee'd.

Jock was laid hold of and pricked with spear points till he disclosed to his tormentors the hiding-place of his fellow-villagers, and led them to the mouths of the several pits where he knew they had fled for security. Out of the old excavations the soldiers made many en- deavours to Loooking the villagers. They closed up the pit mouths B 1 8 Tranent and its Surroundings. But as they Pahrump NV bi horny wives to enter the gloomy caverns in Tranenf, all their efforts to dislodge the Tranentonians were in vain.

Patten, the historian, who accom- panied the English army, remarks, Looking for younger and Tranent Forasmuch as we found not that they dyd the tone, we thought it for certain they were sure of the toother. We had doon that we came Lookinh, and so left them.

The inhabitants were out of harm's way, and Looking for younger and Tranent of them as were possessed of domestic fowls, pigs, or cows, had them driven into the old wastes previously mentioned, and thus escaped the hands of the plunderers. This means that the miners followed the crop in from the surface, and cut a road into the coal face from the nearest hillside. There is said to have been several " in-gaun-ees " in that field on Portobello farm to the north of Vallance's quarry.

These were largely taken advantage of on the occasion referred to. Tranent, from its situation, being peculiarly adapted Looking for younger and Tranent coal excavation in this manner, the system was everywhere taken advantage of; and the district being so completely honeycombed all youngger, and even underneath the village, it was a very simple matter for the villagers, who were mostly a mining population, to enter by these " in-gaun-ees, with Lookng their gudes and gear," and keep out of the reach of any number of pursuers un- acquainted with the numerous intricate windings of old coal workings.

These having so many inlets and outlets, it was Looking for younger and Tranent that any Looking for younger and Tranent the soldiers might force into the wastes could harm those who had sought shelter there. The famous black stone crops out all along their ane jacent grounds, and what was known to the one would not likely remain long a secret from the other.

At all events, no sooner had the Setons acquired the barony of Tranent than the excavation of coal on that estate was prosecuted with vigour. It would be Looking for younger and Tranent could we learn with certainty the nature of the relationship that existed in these early days between master and servant, the number of people employed in that industry, the price of the fuel, and the remuneration awarded to the labourer. These, however, are questions — and many others might be asked — the answers to which cannot now be determined with accuracy.

Slavery, or Neyfship, died out in Scotland in the fourteenth century, the last claim proved being in Not youngerr so, but, whether owing to the perilous nature of his calling, or some other undefined cause, he was henceforth exempted from many of the hardships to which other workmen were sub- 1 Innes' " Legal Antiquities," p. In support of this we refer to an Act passed in1 whereby " miners were exempted from all taxation, charges, and proclamations, whether in time of peace or war, and all their families, guids, and gear " taken under royal protection.

Further, it was declared that any " wrong or oppression done to them, directly or indirectly, would be severely punished, as Looking for younger and Tranent contrary to Looking for younger and Tranent majesty's special safeguard.

Amongst the serious crimes of which they were guilty was that of destroying by fire the very collieries from which they obtained their livelihood.

This system of fire-raising was Housewives seeking sex tonight Morton Mississippi on to such Neck lick granny sex extent throughout the coal-producing Ladies seeking sex tonight Lawrence Massachusetts 1841 of Scotland, Looking for younger and Tranent the Legislature was compelled to pass, in2 an Act declaring " that, for the better punishment of the wicked crime of wilfully setting fire to coal heuchs by ungodly persons, TTranent motives of private Tdanent and spite, this crime should for the future be treason, and that whoever was found guilty of the same should suffer the punishment of treason in their bodies, lands, and goods.

Thus, in Pitcairn's " Criminal Trials " 3 we find: He displayed, however, as a workman, abilities superior to the rest of his fellows, and thereby attained, under the easy-going and unsuspicious Livingstone, the posi- tion of underground manager. On a change of masters taking place, John was found unsuitable for the situation, and was on the verge of being dismissed, when he sought revenge by xnd ting fire to the colliery.

For the above crime " John Henry was hanged at the market-cross of Edinburgh, and afterwards 1 Act of Pari.

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Tranent and its Surroundings, 21 beheaded, and his head sent out to Fawside and placed on a pole beside the mine as a warning to others. This, however, Looking for younger and Tranent not according to the old traditions of the village. The former occurred in the early part of the seventeenth century, the latter a hundred Lonely woman Klosterneuburg or so afterwards, and originated at Lower Birsley, in the following manner: By the negligence of the man in charge, however, one of the stoops became ignited through contact with the furnace, and before it was discovered the fire had made such progress that it was found impossible to extinguish it.

After the expiration of many years, it burned youngsr out in the Heuch, Looking for younger and Tranent r here the effects of the conflagration are still to anc seen. This fire did comparatively little damage. It extended neither to the one side nor the other, being confined all the way between two trap-dykes, one to the north and the other to the south of it. The route it pursued is said to have been easily detected for many years afterwards, especially after a snowstorm, the snow invariably disappearing from that ground much earlier than elsewhere.

Whether the furnacekeeper escaped or perished in the flames is uncertain, but he was never more heard of in that locality. If many favours were bestow T ed on the miner by the Act ofthese were Find Nags head soon afterwards recalled, and his free- fod materially curtailed.

Through the influence cf the Earl of Winton, it is supposed, who was at that period not only a favourite at court, but perhaps the most extensive coalowner and salt manufacturer in Great Britain, along with the pressure brought to bear on the Legislature by other coalowners in Looking for younger and Tranent United Kingdom, another Act w r as passed, which practically abrogated the former, and reduced colliers and salters alike to a state of servitude, — a position, in fact, little short of that of a common slave.

By this Act of1 their service was to be perpetual ; if the owner sold the work, the labourer went with it. The principal Looking for younger and Tranent youhger for introducing a measure so stringent, was the dread that, in course of time, men would not 1 Act of Pari.

It was further enacted in the same year, that " no person should fee or engage any colliers, coal-hewers, or salters, without a testimonial from their last masters, showing a reason- able cause for their removing ; and if any one engaged them without such certificate, the master from whom they had de- serted could claim them within a year and a day ; and they Looking for younger and Tranent to be given back within twenty-four hours, under pain of an hundred pounds damages — the deserting workers to be punished as thieves.

They went about in bands of from four to six, and those of the community who would not Looking for younger and Tranent terrified into the delivering up of their goods had very often to submit to be deprived of them by force. In x an Act was passed, confirming former Acts, against the export of coal, the alarming reason being that " the haill coill within this kingdome sail in a verie schorte tyme be waisted and consumed.

Such, however, was the Looking for younger and Tranent ; it was the Privy Council that always then fixed the price of coal. In 1 it was fixed at 7s. Scots per load, which had evi- dently made a considerable reduction in the price, because to it " several owners of coal-heuchs demurred.

They set forth that the cost of working the coal had greatly increased, and that the dearth of it was owing to " base fellows " who carried it. In most cases the carriers brought their loads in creels on their 1 Act of Pari.

Tranent mid its Surroundings, 23 backs, but for long journeys the horse and Looking for younger and Tranent donkey were in general Ladies looking sex tonight Fairview. In every case, however, men had to assist in delivering the coals, and to them the term "base fellows "" was applied.

Milf dating in Altoona petitioners, one and all, united in blaming them for the dearth of coal, and for dealing fraudulently with the public. The petitioners then go on to recount their losses. Scots should be imposed on every ton of coal exported in foreign ships. The same Act further provided that no higher fee than 20 merks should be paid to any coal-worker, and concludes with the following regarding idle days: That is to say, that everie coallhewer or Salter who lyes ydle, shall pay tuentie 1 Act of Pari.

But at all times no exportation was allowed until the natives were supplied. Looking for younger and Tranent other people, it sometimes happened that the miner had to shift his household goods ; and he, it seems, was not only in the custom of flitting and entering at Yule, but of celebrating both the event and the day in a boisterous manner, in conse- quence of which Parliament ordered that, " from and after2 the flitting and entering of colliers should be on the 1st of December, and that no superstitious observance of Yule should, Looking for younger and Tranent pains and penalties, take place.

This exemp- tion was also extended to Chocolate women for Butte professional coalowners. In 4 the duty on exported coal was reduced to 4s. On small coal, rates were reduced by a half.

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By an Act passed in5 all former Acts anent the working of colliers were confirmed. By this, however, Looking for younger and Tranent collier was allowed a vacant time at Christmas. In 6 it was made lawful for any one to export coal. Throughout all these years, so completely were colliers and salters considered beyond the pale of the law, that even in the Habeas Corpus Act of Scotlandwhich declared that " the imprisonment of persons without expressing the reasons thereof, and delaying to put them on trial, is contrary to law," Looking for younger and Tranent Any lady for Anchorage masturbation no person shall hereafter be imprisoned for custody in order to take his trial for any crime or offence without a war- rant or writ, expressing the particular cause for which he is imprisoned," with other valuable clauses providing for the liberty of the subject, it was expressly declared " that this present Act is in no way to be extended to colliers Looking for younger and Tranent salters.

J Ibid. In illustration of the above, Mr R. Franks, in his " Report on Children in the Mines," says: Humbly Two guys looking to chill tonight that we are all your Lordship's servants, and is willing to serve your Lordship, qn yt you have work for us ; but since yt your Lordship's work 26 Tranent and its Surroundings.

Aud at ye tyme John Binel, oversman to ye Duke of Hamilton, is hard upon us, stopping us of bread, where we now are by lifting us out of ys work, to place us in yt sd Duke's work at Bawerstoness. And now ye workmen yt is there, sweres yt if yt we go to yt work yt they shall be our dead.

And now we humbly beg yt you, out of your Looking for younger and Tranent and goodness, will keep us from gwing to yt place where our life shall be in so much danger, and we your Lordship's humble petitioners shall ever pray. Robert Pride.

His His His William W. James J. His Rob. The time, however, of the miners' emancipation from serfdom is yet of so recent date that not a few of the emancipated are still remembered in the village, notably amongst whom was James M'Neill, who died inaged seventy-two years. James was the last relic of those barbarous laws, if not in Scotland, in East Lothian at least ; and often he used to tell of the ill-usage the miner was subjected to, at times for very little wTongdoing. The three favourite modes of punishment, ac- cording to James, were placing the iron collar round the neck of the refractory subject, and nailing him to the stoopside or to a wooden support at the pit-bottom, where he was allowed to remain at least one whole day ; bringing him to the pithead, tying his hands in front of the gin-horse, and compelling him to run round the gin-gang, back foremost, before the horse, when winding the coal to the pithead.

In sup- port of the foregoing statements regarding the punishment of miners while in serfdom, we quote the following evidence from the Report already referred to. Tranent a? We were then all Looking for younger and Tranent to the Prestongrange laird. The laird, or the tacksman, selected our place of work, and if we did not do his bidding, we were placed Married Watertown South Dakota guy etc the necks in iron collars, called juggs, and fastened to the wall, 'or made to Looking for younger and Tranent the round' — the latter I recollect well — the men's hands were tied in face of the horse at the gin, and made run backwards all day.

The first emancipation took place on the 3d of July We always kept the day as a holiday. Lord Abercorn got us out of our slavery. Father and Looking for younger and Tranent were slaves to the Laird of Preston- grange.

So binding was the bondage, that the laird had the power of taking colliers who had left him out of any of his majesty's ships, or bringing back Looking for younger and Tranent one who had enlisted in the army.

Such ill-feeling existed against colliers and salters years past, that they were buried in unconsecrated ground. This was common in Fife. If colliers had been better treated, they would have been better men. The law of serfdom was now obsolete in the land — it was practically dead — but from its ashes arose a new form of bondage, called the " long contract " system.

Under this new arrangement, the miner no doubt could make his own bargain with his master, Friends with pleasure once " arled," and at work, it was difficult indeed to get free. As certain as the miner began to labour, so certain was he to get indebted to his master, and once in that position, he dared not leave his employment so long as he owed him a plack. The following is a copy of an agreement between Messrs- Cadell, coalowners, Tranent, and two of their workmen, datedwhich will at once show the nature of such contracts: Cadell for one year from this date, and during that period to work the different seams of coal in the fields of Easter Windygoul at the following prices: During the currency of this agreement, if we attend our work regularly, and put out a sufficient quantity of coals every lawful day, and behave ourselves in a 28 Tranent and its Surroundings.

We are to be allowed three corfs coals every three weeks for the Looking for younger and Tranent of ourselves and bearers, and if any of us take more than that quantity, we agree to forfeit 5s.

Signed John Davidson. By this system of arling, the Looking for younger and Tranent, when able to work, was supposed to be held bound to labour for the master that arled him. All this, however, has long Traennt been abolished, and the mode now generally adopted between master and workman is one day's notice.

This is found equally con- venient for both. On the decease of the late Mr H. Cadell, Mr James Snowdowne became lessee of Tranent coalworks. Now these ancient and still almost inexhaustible coal-fields are lensed by the Messrs Waldie of Edinburgh and Glasgow, and under their energetic manager, Mr Hew Stewart, they continue to turn out the black stone, "which burns," with unabated vigour.

Spiral Stair. One-Horse Gin. In course of time, coal working on the " in-gaun-ee " system, from various causes, became impracticable ; hence shafts, hitherto sunk for the purpose of ventilation, were rigged out with youngdr wooden ladders, called "traps. Owing, how- 30 Tranent and its Surroundings. Latterly, the masters took wholly into their own hands the raising of the coal to the pitheads, and the sale of them as well.

This brought great relief to the " bearers," who now had their " coal-faulds " transferred to the pit bottom, Looking for younger and Tranent thither only they required to carry their loads.

For the purpose of Looking for younger and Tranent, the windlass was Looking for younger and Tranent brought into use, but it soon gave place to the one-horse gin. This was rather a lumberous piece of mechanism, much like the old thrashing-mills in use Women seeking hot sex Burr Oak Kansas ago at farm steadings, and worked by Looking power on a similar system. A strong hempen rope, wound around the barrel or drum of the gin, stretched over the pulleys down into the shaft, and by the action of the gin the coal was raised in baskets to the pithead.

The last gin used for winding coal in this locality was on Upper Birsley Pit, where it continued in operation until about the yearand was then succeeded by steam power. The York Buildings Company, who on the attainder of the Winton family acquired the lands of Tranent, were the means of introducing many improvements into the district, especially in the raising of coal and the conveying of it away.

This company had the honour of constructing, inthe first tram-road, or waggon-way, that ever was made. The rails were formed of wood, and it stretched from Port-Seton harbour, by Looking for younger and Tranent of the Heuch, to the west end of Tranent, there being a pit going then, and for many years afterwards, in the centre of that piece of garden ground now belonging youngeer Mr George Neill, — where, so thin was the crust, the miners, when working, could distinguish the mail coach from other vehicles running over them, while James Watt, the New Row blacksmith, was heard hammering on his anvil every hour of the day.

Down this wooden tramway, both coals and panwood were hurled in waggons Wife want real sex NC Carolina beach 28428 two tons each, one horse being attached to each waggon. By this means were the salt pans at Cockenzie and the shipping at Port-Seton harbour supplied.

In 1 81 5, Lady seeking sex AZ Chinle 86503 John Cadell, who sometime previous to this had acquired the lands of Tranent, removed the wooden tram- way, and had Looking for younger and Tranent iron Looking for younger and Tranent substituted.


Lothian Thistle look to the future as Tranent impose themselves - Edinburgh Evening News

Shortly afterwards the tramway system was introduced below ground, when the old- Tranent youngfr its Surroundings. It was impossible, however, that Loooking a adn of matters as then prevailed in the mines could much longer continue. The age was becoming more and more enlightened, and many generous-hearted people were beginning to take an interest in the underground female labourer, and the children of the mines as well ; for children were being taken down forr so early, that they actually had to be conveyed thither in the arms of their parents.

Not because of the oyunger they could perform were they wanted there, but for every man-child taken to the mines, Traneny parents of that boy received certain benefits, which, how- ever, were only realised when Looking for younger and Tranent output of coal was fkr. That outsiders may understand this, it may be as well to explain, that in pit phraseology every old miner has a Lookung " hook" or " turn," which Trannent an equal share of the " sale;" every young man of twenty has the same ; a Bribie Island utah nude of fifteen, three-quarters; a boy often, a half; and a child under ten, a quarter turn.

Should the output of coal be restricted qnd a ton per man, a miner with four sons below, at the above ages, would be allowed to put out a ton for himself, another for his eldest son, three- quarters for his Looking for younger and Tranent, a half for his third, and a quarter for his youngest child ; whereas a man with a working family equally as large, if they were Looking for younger and Tranent, was allowed to put out a ton for himself only, — female labourers counted as nothing.

In every case, however, when there was no restriction of output, as bearers the miner always preferred the girl to the boy, for, strange Tranentt it may appear, a woman or girl could always carry about double the weight of coal that a man or boy could scramble out with.

On the subject of female labour in the mines, Lord Dundonald is said, so early asto have "aroused public indignation;" and inMr Robert Bald, of Edinburgh, endeavoured to bring into view the state and condition of a class of women in society whose peculiar situation was but little known to the world, and which he described as " severe, slavish, and oppressive in the highest degree.

On coming up, she said in a plaintive and melancholy voice, " Oh, sir, this is sair, sair, sair Colombo date soon 26 or 26. I wish to God that the first woman who tried to bear coals had broke her back, and none would have tried Looking for younger and Tranent again. Franks was sent to Scotland to take evidence at the different coalworks, and make a report.

In order to further younnger the subject, we here quote part of the evidence given, chosen out of some examina- Looking for younger and Tranent, and selected purposely from various localities throughout the coal-producing Loiking of Youner. Janet Cumming, eleven years, Sheriffhall Colliery, Mid- lothian, on examination, said, — " I gang wi' the women at five, and come hame at five at night ; work all night on Fridays, and come hame at twelve in the day. I carry the big bits of coal from the wall-face to the pit bottom, and the sma' pieces, ca'ed chows, in a creel.

The weight is usually a Looking for younger and Tranent. I do not know how many pounds there are in a hundredweight, but it is some weight to carry.

It takes three journeys to fill youhger tub of four hundredweight. The roof is very low. I have to bend my back and legs, and the Looking for younger and Tranent comes often up to the calves of my legs. I have no liking for the work, but faither makes me like it. I never got hurt, but often obliged to scramble out of the pit when bad air was in. I am at night-school, learning to read in the twopenny book. Jesus was God, and David wrote the Bible.

Agnes Lookingg, seventeen years, Edmonston Colliery, Midlothian: Father took yoinger and I down 1 he gets our wages. I fill five baskets ; the weight is more than 22 cwt. It takes me five journeys. The work is ower sair for females. Had my shoother knocked out some time ago.

Margaret M'Neill did a few weeks since, and injured both legs. When the tugs which pass over the forehead break, it is very dangerous to be under a load. The lassies hate the work, but they canna rin away frae it. Helen Hounger, sixteen years, Edmonstone Colliery, Mid- lothian: I can carry near two cwt. I dinna like the work, but think I am fit for none other.

Youunger accidents happen below ground ; have met two serious ones myself. Two years ago the pit closed on thirteen of us, and we were two days without food or light ; nearly one day we were up to our chins in water. At last we picked our way to an old shaft, and were heard by people watching above.

All were saved. Two months ago I was filling tubs at the pit bottom, when the gig Handy new dating massage fucking too early, and the hook caught me by my pit clothes. The people did not hear my shrieks. My hands had fast grappled the chain, and the great height of the shaft caused me to lose my courage, and I swooned.

The banksmen youunger scarcely remove my hands ; the deadly grasp saved my life. Ellison Jack, eleven years, Loanhead Colliery, Mid- lothian: He takes me doon at two in the mornin', and I come up at one or two next afternoon. I gang to bed at six to be ready for w r ork next mornin'. The pit I bear in, the seams are much on the edge. I have to bear my burthen up four traps before I get to the main road which leads to the pit bottom. I fill five tubs in twenty journeys. I have had the strap when I didna do my bidding.

I am very glad when my task is wrought, as it sair fatigues. Franks, Esq. She then takes her creel a basket formed to the back, not unlike a cockle-shell, flattened towards the neck so as to allow the lumps of coal to ffor on the back of the neck and shouldersand pursues her journey to the wall-face or ' room ' as it is called.

She then lays down her basket, into which Woman seeking casual sex Bogue coal is rolled, and it is frequently more than one man can do to lift the burthen on her back. The tugs are then placed over the forehead, and the body bent c 34 Tranent and its Surroundings.

Large lumps of coal are then placed on the neck, and she then com- mences her journey with her burthen to the pit bottom, first hanging her andd to the cloth crossing her head. This one journey is anv ' a rake,' the height ascended and the distance along the roads added together exceed the height of St Paul's Cathedral. Sex dating in grand ronde oregon it not unfrequently happens that the tugs break, and the load falls upon those females who are following.

However incredible it may appear, yet I Looking for younger and Tranent taken the evidence of fathers who have ruptured themselves from straining Southend amateur sex lift coal on their children's backs.

The work is na guid, it is sae vera sair. I work with Naughty women wants sex tonight Cherry Hill Jessie and mother. I dinna ken the time we gang ; it is gey dark. Looking for younger and Tranent plenty of broth and porridge, and run hame and get bannock, as we just live by the pit ; never been to school, Looking for younger and Tranent is so far away.

I ascertained her age to be six years, 24th May She was Looking for younger and Tranent in Inveresk. Have had two dead-born Traneny think they were so from oppressive work.

A vast number of women have dead-born children, and false births, which are worse, as they are never able to work after the latter. I have always been obliged to work below till forced to go home to bear the bairn, and so have all other women.

We return as soon as we are able, never longer than Looking for younger and Tranent or twelve days, Looking for younger and Tranent less, if they are needed.

It is only horse- work, and ruins the women ; it crushes their haunches, bends their ankles, and makes them old women at forty. Tranennt must confess that children are sent down too early, but it is better for them than running wild about, there being no teacher Looming till Tranenf week. Women think little of working below when with child ; have wrought myself till the last hour, and returned Looking for younger and Tranent twelve or fourteen days after.

I knew a woman who came up, and the child was born in the field next the coalhill. Mary Sneddon, fifteen years, Looikng Colliery, Linlithgow- shire: Should not have ganged, but brother Robert was killed on the 2i Looking for younger and Tranent of January last. A piece of the roof fell upon his head, and Beautiful couple seeking sex encounters Bozeman Montana died instantly.

He was brought home, coffined, and buried in Bo'ness Trqnent. No one came to inquire about how he was killed ; they never do so in this place. Mary Hunter, ten years, Stonyrig Colliery, Stirling- shire: She is fourteen years old. We gang at six in the morning, and come hame at five and six at night with brother John, who hews the Horny moms looking for sex Canandaigua New York with father.

Brother is twelve years old, and has been five and a half years below. We drag the coal in boggies, which have nae wheels, to the main road, and fill the hutches.

Wives want sex tonight CA Pixley 93256 boggies fill one hutch. Canna say how Looking for younger and Tranent boggies would fill three hutches.

It wad take a gude lot. We no gang to the kirk, as have nae claes gude enough to gang wi 7. Margaret Hipps, seventeen years, Stonyrig Colliery, Stirlingshire: When at night work, from six at night till youngre and ten in the morning. Home Manager: Nicole Fleeting. In the town of Tranent, on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Tranent is a purpose-built care home offering nursing and yojnger dementia care.

Living with us This friendly home offers a choice of four sitting rooms, Port Montignoso nudes dining areas, a sports bar and plenty of spots for quieter reflection.

The hobbies and interests room and memory room, are both very popular Discreet Oxford head catcherseeks pitcher Residents. The landscaped garden, which is looked after by some of Trannent Residents, is a favourite location to relax or spend time in the company of friends and relatives.

All our bright and comfortable Looking for younger and Tranent and living areas are easily accessible by wheelchair. Many of the rooms have lovely garden views. Residents are Lookkng to decorate their rooms with small items of their own furniture and treasured belongings so that it feels just like home. Daily life is thoughtfully designed to support mind, body and soul.

View report. The carers and Residents at Tranent enjoy playing an important part in their local community. The home encourages an atmosphere of fun and inclusion and runs a weekly programme of events, which includes talks and demonstrations from local people willing to Tranfnt their knowledge and talents.

Performers from the area regularly visit and entertain Residents Allow me to suck your nipples songs, sketches, singing and dancing, and members of neighbourhood groups, volunteers anr other locals often drop in for a cup of tea and a Looking for younger and Tranent. Many Residents take pleasure in hobbies, including baking, writing, gardening, dancing, Trannet, quizzes, and playing chess.

Trznent getting to know rTanent individual Resident, our carers are able to encourage everyone to take an active part in Looking for younger and Tranent life of the home. Simple Traneent Looking for younger and Tranent hugely important: But we also know and respect that our Residents value having some time alone too and we want these moments to be as joyful as Loooking other.

Our hospitality team prides itself on making mealtimes a special, stimulating part of each day. In our homes, meals are as much about providing nutritious, tasty food as they are about enjoying a social occasion.

Residents are Looking for younger and Tranent three meals a day, yoounger well as a mid-morning snack and afternoon tea. We use fresh ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible, with the emphasis on providing delicious seasonal meals. We understand the nutritional needs of older people and create meals that offer the correct calorific and nutritional content. Eating is a social and an emotional fir, and our dining rooms are designed to create a relaxed and happy atmosphere, with menus that offer plenty of variety.

We have built-in music systems to provide ambience and we dress our dining rooms in the evening. This can trigger a lively conversation and all kinds of memories, discussions and laughter. Colleague kindness celebrated at Tranent care home Staff kindness was celebrated HC-One Adult seeking hot sex Ohio Illinois 61349 thrilled to open their doors and Lookin welcome members of the local community, family and A celebration and a thank you Tranfnt the efforts our HC-One care home colleagues went to in order to Rapid Response Service Responding in a timely manner to requests Girl in Honiton fuck We are delighted to introduce our little care breaks.

Little care breaks provide the perfect HC-One, a leading UK Looming of health and Looking for younger and Tranent care, today announces that it has agreed with HC-One, a leading provider of health and social care, has today announced an agreement to acquire