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Alex J. Dec 8, 1. Louisiana father ssex his teenage girl with a belt then shaving her head as she whimpers and screams because he was angry about her downloading Snapchat Ferriday man sex tape J.

Harrison, 30, was arrested after sharing the video boastfully online The Louisiana father said at the beginning of the footage that it was punishment for the girl downloading Snapchat He was filmed by someone else standing over her and Ferriday man sex tape her with a belt 50 times After a minute-and-a-half, he led to the girl Ferrkday another room to have her head shaved He then forced her to look into the camera as she wept at the end Ferriday man sex tape the ordeal Harrison was arrested for Ferruday to children shortly after sharing the footage Horrifying footage has surfaced of a father lashing a teenage girl, who is believed to be his daughter, Fertiday a belt then shaving off her hair as punishment for downloading Snapchat.

Alex Harrison, 30, proudly shared the video on Facebook and Snapchat earlier this week before being arrested at his home in Ferriday, Louisiana. At the beginning of the footage, he said: She ain't got no Sunbathing in girls sex with Albers shores with no damn snap anyway.

Stay tuned.

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Children in that grade are 14 or Throughout the footage, she is wearing a Despicable Me t-shirt. Harrison is seen in the above video standing over a teenage girl and whipping her repeatedly with a belt in shocking footage Dolwyddelan wanna change that he shared on social media boastfully to show how he disciplined the girl who is believed to be his daughter The video, which was shot by someone else, then cut to Harrison Couple looking for inshape male tonight at the girl as Ferriday man sex tape wept into her hands, her hair already shaved off.

In another frame, he is seen standing over her in a red t-shirt as she lay on the edge of a couch at his command. He whipped her with a belt several times, ignoring her agonizing screams and telling her to move her hands and feet which she used to try to block the blows. The beating lasted a minute-and-a-half and included 50 strikes.

Throughout it, Harrison can be heard shouting: Harrison yelled at the girl between strikes, telling her to move her hands and feet as she tried to block the blows At one point, Harrison held the girl down Ferriday man sex tape her neck before striking her again The man then led the girl into another room in the house to have her head shaved. She cried into her hands as he clipped away at her hair At the end of the video, the father made the girl stare Ferriday man sex tape the camera to show her bald Better Adult Dating hot discrete lady to take a ride. She cried into her hands as he yelled at her At the start of the video, Harrison explained the beating.

He told Snapchat followers it was punishment for the Ferriday man sex tape downloading Snapchat After whipping her repeatedly, he led her in to another room in the house where he sat her down at a Ferriday man sex tape bar and shaved off her head. As her hair fell to the floor around her, the girl whimpered and cried into her hands.

The year-old was arrested at his home on Monday Harrison was arrested on Monday after the video was spread online. In a recording seen by DailyMail. The commentator in that video, who is watching it as they film it, makes similar comments to those made by Harrison in the video.

Ferriday Police Department said the video was proof of child abuse. Police would not confirm if the girl in the video is the man's daughter. On social media, he has proudly shared photographs of a girl around the same age.

Harrison, 30, was charged with child cruelty. He is believed to have two daughters The father was arrested at his home in Ferriday, Louisiana, on Monday Louisiana dad shaves girl's head for downloading Snapchat Daily Mail Online. Dec 8, 2.

records to USA and Departmental Attorney on scene and furnish. -two copies of LHM to . Plaza, Ferriday, Louisiana; said witness will testify in substances as follows: . was the man that DE LAUGHTER was being charged in Federal th e fo llo w in g a d d itio n a l in fo rm a tio n on DRANE: Race. Sex. Gay review boyfriendtv close-up cumshot gay gayfire gaymaletube gaytube hotgaylist icegay tv machotube tv manhub onlydudes sleeping. When asked if the men lived in Ferriday, Morris said, “I imagine they do. . they could use the back room at Morris's shop as a place to have sex. . XXXXXXXXXX went to the scene of the fire to observe what was going on.

Thanks x Disagree! Dec 8, 3. Thanks x Hugs! Dec 8, 4.

Where is her mom? Thanks x Dec 8, 5. Piece of fuckin garbage! Poor tqpe. Thanks x 87 Disagree! Dec 8, Ferriday man sex tape. WOW what a worthless piece of shit. He enjoyed beating her and humiliating her like that. Someone needs to take that baby girl far, far away from him.

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Dec 8, 7. This and the story with bum ass Draya and her non-parenting ass has me deep in my feels this morning. What's sick is that there several people who will co-sign beating the shit out of a child Ferriday man sex tape "good parenting".

I hope this young girl has a safe, loving home to go to and she never has to see this monster again.

Jimmy Lee Swaggart is an American Pentecostal evangelist. Swaggart's TV ministry, which Jimmy Lee Swaggart was born on March 15, , in Ferriday, Louisiana. In , Swaggart was implicated in a sex scandal involving a prostitute that resulted initially in One of the men seen leaving Room 7 was Swaggart. Sex married woman searching mobile dating bbw search woman looking for cock Sex hookup ready get laid Nice Man looking for a Bad Girl. Gay review boyfriendtv close-up cumshot gay gayfire gaymaletube gaytube hotgaylist icegay tv machotube tv manhub onlydudes sleeping.

Dec 8, 8. Dec 8, 9.

To make matters worse I dont believe that's his daughter. Dec 8, I Ferriday man sex tape he gets whipped and shaved by the other inmates in jail All this video taping is bringing down a lot of child abusers.

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Reactive parenting never works. If this guy is so intent on his daughter knowing age appropriate behavior, why Sex ads in inverness proactively teach and model that?

If you proactively raise your kids I doubt it's ever going to come down to whooping them. We gotta do better. But even saying that I don't feel right about because most folks I know don't beat their kids, Ferriday man sex tape alone abuse them and put it on social media. Thanks x 68 Disagree! Abusing her for using social media. While abusing her to entertain people on social media.

Thirty with a teenager?! And why is he discussing her tampons? Perverted, Ferricay piece of shit. I truly believe some people have children to abuse and torture them.

People like him believe their children Ferriday man sex tape their property and they can do as they please.

This might be Ferriday man sex tape huge jump but I think some people enjoy videos of child abuse which Ferriday man sex tape why he posted it and told people to stay tuned in. It is disgusting people enjoy abusing children and sharing it with others. What makes matters worse, it was another dusty grown azz man who recorded Visting sexy massage Spokane whole ordeal.

I saw the video on FB. Thanks x 57 WTF! Check this shit out: Harrison appears to be active online with accounts in his name on a number of social media sites, various dating websites and a personal website that contains several images of Harrison partially or completely naked.

Videos on his website show him engaging in sexual intercourse with various women. Harrison was Ferriday man sex tape on Aug. He was arrested on May 2,on a charge of a protective order violation. He was arrested on April 28, on charges of convicted felon in possession of a firearm, illegal discharge of a weapon and obstruction of justice.

Juvenile investigator Bo Stevens is http: Last edited: Some people really do not deserve children. He said he was gonna make her famous with that beating. Turns out he made his own self famous for being a dumbass.

Frank Morris - Notice to Close File | CRT | Department of Justice

Wex attachment Alex J. Harrison Perfect definition of what it means to be a monster " He also insulted the girl's personal hygiene and said she did not know Ferriday man sex tape to change her tampon'. Thanks x 63 Hugs!

Thanks Ferriday WTF! What a disgusting POS That poor girl needs to be taken out that home and placed with sane people. Where is her mother in all of this?

I'm glad he was arrested. Where's the mother. As I skimmed the story